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We guarantee learning No-Code will revolutionise the way you do business.

Save hundreds of hours, and jump to the top of the learning curve. We will show you everything you need to start down the path of learning to think like a No-Coder and start building systems and automations in your business.

Is This For You?

If you relate to any of these, then No-Code will change everything for you.

Doing Everything

You are the one in your business who chases new leads, gets the new work in and then often you find yourself actually doing the work because you find it difficult to delegate it to a staff member and you tell yourself that it will "just be quicker if I do it this once".

Shallow or Flat Hierarchy

You are either a solopreneur or you have a small team, and each member on the team relies on you to move their workloads forward.

No Time to Focus on Systems

You have some systems in place, but it is largely spreadsheet based. You feel there is no time in the day to spend on developing systems, as you have more urgent matters to deal with in the immediate term.


You make all the decisions in your business, and you feel like you have to be the one to make the decisions to make sure it is done right.

Tasks Staying With You

You are the only person in your business who can do certain tasks, either because you have not had the time to delegate those tasks (and you wonder if you ever will have the time!) or because you fear passing on the responsibility for those tasks.


You find it difficult or nearly impossible to take an uninterrupted holiday.

How do you fix these problems?

You must learn how to think like a No-Coder: continuously looking to build and improve the systems that run your business.

Why No-Code?

No-Code is breaking down barriers, giving entrepreneurs the power to execute on what, prior to no-code, might not have been feasible either due to cost or due to lack of technological ability. No-Code allows business owners to easily build custom systems, create apps & to automate workflows without knowing how to code and without needing to hire expensive software developers. Learn how to No-Code & over time your business becomes reliant on your systems rather than on you. You know the concept of "Work ON your business, not IN your business"? Well No-Code is simply put, the best way to work ON your business, and will utimately lead you to completely transform the way you do things. You can effectively create and build custom software that fits exactly to your business process needs, and in effect build a second brain for your business so that over time it is no longer dependent on any individual person.

Second Brain

Build & develop your business systems, so that over time your business relies on systems and processes, rather than on you!


No-Code enables you to easily build out automated workflows; Automations can eliminate redundant, repetitive type tasks in your business, create huge efficiencies, and save you hours and hours every week.

Link Everything

Integrate all of your systems together, easily! Changes in one place, update everywhere else. Eliminate repetitive data entry and always have your team singing from the same hymn sheet with real time communication and collaborative workspaces.

Build Customer Facing Apps

Build your own web apps on top of your business sytems to complement or even entirely replace your existing traditional business model. Build anything: Client portals, Membership Sites, Communities, Online Training, Online Coaching and pretty much anything else you want to build online!

Build Internal Apps

Build internal tools incredibly fast on top of your databases, spreadsheets, and business apps. Design your tool by dragging and dropping pre-built components like tables, buttons, images, and forms.

Future Proof Your Business

No-Code lets you step by step continuously improve your business, and adopt the latest in online technologies. No more incurring expensive developers to improve or upgrade a system. Learning how to No-Code equates to learning how to do business in the 21st Century.

We teach business owners how to use No-Code to build a business that works without them.

To achieve this, we offer training, 1 to 1 consultancy services & we run an online community for No-Coders looking to learn and develop together. We have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing all of the No-Code tools available and we have refined our method so that you only need to specialise and learn these 3 No-Code tools to be able to completely withdraw yourself from your business.

Ready to Systemise, Automate and Scale Your Business?

No-Code Training and Consultancy services you need to get the biggest obstacle out of the way of your business = you!

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